Central Minnesota R/C Truck Pulling Association

About Us


Thanks for visiting our club's web site.
We take pride in making R/C Truck and Tractor pulling fun for the whole family.

This club was started to get kids involved in remote control cars and trucks, giving them a fun starting point to help them hone there skills. 
We also have 1/16th and 1/10th scale truck racing, for the kids to practice their driving skills, keeping them separate from the more experienced drivers.  
This club has classes just for the kids, giving them the best chance to have fun, and learn more about R/C Pulling and Racing.

Central Minnesota Truck Pulling started with five families looking for something fun to do on the weekends with remote control cars and trucks.
We looked into many things, oval racing, off road racing, and monster truck racing.  And one thing always came up, where are we going to be able
to put a track and be able to keep the mantenance down to still make it fun, and not just a lot of work and very little fun.  Then we started watching
R/C truck and tractor pulling, and saw how much fun it can be.  With R/C truck and tractor pulling we can set up just about any where, and put things
away when we are done, with out a lot of time.  As the club got started, we started pulling trucks that we had, Tamiya Blackfoot's, Traxxas T-Maxx,
and more.  Then we bought some used NR/CTPA pulling trucks, and got a boost in what we needed to do to make good R/C pulling trucks.


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